Princess Anne Masonic Lodge No. 25 Ancient Free & Accepted Masons – 150 Years of Masonry – 1871 – 2021

Courthouse Community UMC Food Pantry



Courthouse Community United Methodist Church maintains a community food pantry (food bank) which serves the local community by providing weekly grocery provisions and a weekly free dinner for those in need in the local community.  Statistics on the number of individuals and families served are available on the Food Pantry Web Site (below).   Princess Anne No. 25 can assist greatly by providing monthly donations to the food pantry.  A donation box is provided at the lodge for the collection of food donations (at any time) and we encourage the Brethren to bring food items in to the Lodge at every stated.  One to two items brought in by every brother will add up quickly and provide a steady steam of donations to the food pantry.

The Food Pantry maintains a website which can be found at the following link:

CCUMC Food Pantry Web Site

Food needs vary from week to week but the Food Pantry has provided the following list of commonly needed items.  Please make an effort to bring in an extra can or box or two when you come to the lodge.  Please ensure that the items are not beyond their expiration as the guidelines governing the Food Pantry prevents the distribution of food that has past its expiration date..